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Can we all agree that good music and good art make life better? We’re happy to announce the release of more excellent music and art by GM Nanashi release via BeatCurve Label.


GM Nanashi brings the second official single from the upcoming Smell The Flowers EP with “Butterflies“.


Butterflies is a chill lo-fi track with lovely piano, horns, and subtle guitar elements that will take you to dreamland. We aimed to capture the essence of spring and infuse it with dreamy elements in this chill jazzy track. Our primary focus was on incorporating soft guitar elements and crafting a catchy, dreamy melody vibe. We hope you enjoy this short and sweet track and resonate with the vision we had for its release. A big thank you to BeatCurve for this opportunity! Take a look at their post showcasing GM Nanashi and E20 Trio. HERE.

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