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Good morning, Community! We’re excited to announce the latest release from GM Kiada: Anime Nights.


Anime Nights is now available for streaming, offering a copyright-free, jazzy vibe perfect for your YouTube, Twitch, and Content Creation needs. As mentioned earlier, this track exudes a mellow pace that remains consistent throughout. Upon listening to it several times, we couldn’t help but notice its anime-inspired essence, thus inspiring the title Anime Nights.

Crafting the album artwork was a breeze once we had the track name. You’ll notice the character remains consistent, as it has for the past few months. We’ve opted to maintain this pose for six singles before considering a complete change. Our focus for the background was to create something soft and seamless that complements the overall purple theme. Picture a purple galaxy adorned with sparkling fragments scattered throughout.

We’ve made some updates to the logo design, incorporating the phrase “Good Morning” into the font. Furthermore, we’ve introduced a few music notes, including a larger one with an outlined face of GM Nanashi, adding an extra touch of branding.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy Anime Nights as much as we do!

Btw; If you wish to stay up to date with us click this link [Newsletter and Music Link]

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