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February Shop and Music News


New music in February

Happy February 1st! Wishing you a fantastic start to the month. As we enter February, we’re excited to announce the release of 3 new tracks. The end of 2023 kept us busy as we worked on enhancing the overall branding of GM Nanashi. Although we overlooked the proximity of Valentine’s Day, we chose not to rush the special music. Instead, we’re releasing calm and relaxing instrument-strong lofi beats for both GM Nanashi and Kiada this month. We hope you enjoy them. Rest assured, Valentine’s Day hasn’t been forgotten. We have something special planned for this weekend.


New merch coming this weekend

We’ve revamped our Valentine’s sticker sheets, featuring the same stickers as last year’s release. However, we made the decision to remove them from all our online stores. We believed they needed a more Valentine’s background theme and were long overdue for an updated sheet. We hope you appreciate the final design, which will be available and ready for purchase on Saturday or Sunday.


New mockups and better information

The existing mock-up images will stay in place until the weekend. During the weekend, my focus will be on developing improved mock-ups to enhance the conversion rate and provide more detailed information about the items you’re interested in purchasing from our stores. This involves enhancing sizing charts, providing better examination videos, and incorporating real-life images to showcase how the items truly look in a still image.


New prices & Free Shipping above 35$

We’ve made some changes to our shipping policy. Free shipping on all items has been discontinued because the flat fee we were paying didn’t provide tracking or insurance. While this method was cost-effective, it became unfair if an item got lost in the mail. While we usually replaced lost items without issue, the cost of supplies took a toll, and we operated at a loss in 2023. Starting now, all orders under $35 will require the buyer to cover shipping costs for added protection and peace of mind.

Additionally, heading into 2024, we’ve adjusted our prices, aiming for fairness on both ends.

– Sticker Sheets (3.5″) prices have been reduced, while the 5×7″ size has seen an increase.
– Holographic Sticker Sheets (3.5″) prices have been reduced, with an increase for the 5×7″ size.
– Decals Stickers MID BODY (3″) have reduced prices, while the 5″ size has increased.
– Decals Stickers FULL BODY (3″) have reduced prices, with an increase for the 5″ size.
– We’ve introduced a new Sticker Package with adjusted prices: 5 Stickers for $6, 10 Stickers for $9, and 20 Stickers for $15.


No Laminations unless

This service will not be available as an option unless specifically requested through direct message (DM). We utilize exceptionally high-quality vinyl and don’t find it necessary to include it with every sticker, decal, or sticker sheet. If it is a prerequisite for placing an order, kindly shoot us a special order through DM by contacting us.

Should there be a high demand for this feature, we will consider incorporating it into the ordering process. Currently, it tends to create confusion for buyers due to the abundance of sizing options and additional features.

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