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Out of this world now available!


In this inaugural post, we are thrilled to showcase our latest collaborative release, “Out of this World” First and foremost, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Rhesa Siregar for this incredible opportunity. It has been a long-time aspiration of mine to collaborate with him, and finally, in 2023, we made it happen. We dedicated ourselves to establishing connections with fellow artists, and it was one of our primary goals for this year [2023].

Before we delve into the brilliance of “Out of this World,” we invite you to explore our previous collaborations, “Tossed Onion – Wandering Fox” and “BillsBeatz – Passing By.” Each track is a unique masterpiece, showcasing different elements of our musical personalities.

  1. “Tossed Onion -Wandering Fox” presents a beautiful, light track with delicate keys and a warm bass.
  2. “BillsBeatz – Passing By” ventures into a captivating blend of lofi hiphop infused with a touch of Jazz.

Make sure to explore both tracks available on your preferred streaming platforms. The Spotify icons serve as previews, lasting around 30 seconds. To listen to the full tracks, simply click on the icons.

With “Out of this World,” our goal was to create a seamless fusion of our distinct styles, elevating our sounds to new heights. We set our sights on infusing the track with strong jazzy elements, captivating keys, and a soothing melody that would leave listeners coming back for more. The collaboration process with Rhesa was an absolute delight. We began crafting the track in early 2023, and by mid-March, it had taken its final form. Our mutual understanding and creative synergy made the journey enjoyable and highly productive.

As always, we value your feedback immensely. Share your thoughts on “Out of this World” with us here or on social media. Your support and encouragement are what fuel our creativity and drive us to continue making music that put you at ease.

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