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Exciting updates on the horizon for the GM Nanashi & GM Kiada


1) Starting January 2024, we’re moving towards EP releases—look forward to 3-5 tracks every 1st of the month. GM Kiada releases will continue as usual on the 15th of each month.

As we embarked on this music release project, our goal was to assemble a catalog of copyright-free beats. After over two years, we’re thrilled with the extensive catalog we’ve built. Now, it’s an opportune moment to dial back our monthly track releases and shift focus to other ventures. What kind of projects? We’ve dedicated significant effort to our clothing line, stickers, and decals. The overarching aim is to seamlessly integrate everything into our GM Lore.



2) Enhancing playlists: Revamping the GM Playlist(s) with weekly track changes. Featuring newer tracks at the top, while other artist music finds its place in the “Stream Lofi” playlist. Showing love!

The GM Playlist is undergoing a revamp, with separate sections for various lofi music genres. From lofi vocals and gaming music to copyright-free playlists and more, we’re diversifying. Our largest playlist will now spotlight talented artists who align with and support our brand moving forward.



3) Cleaner cover art: Embracing a sleek stamp of the GM LOGO, eliminating clutter from EP titles.

Upon reviewing our recent releases and acknowledging the visual clutter on our album artwork, featuring talented artists from across the web, we’ve made a decision. Instead of adding titles, artist details, and more, we’ll opt for a clean approach and simply stamp our GM Logo in a corner top or bottom depending on space available.


4) Newsletter & YouTube comeback this month! Exciting 2024 updates—be sure to join the newsletter to stay informed.

Apologies for the delays; it’s been a bit inconsistent over the past few months, and you know how much we value keeping things steady with our updates and releases. Beginning in December, you can expect more frequent updates and releases from us and the team.



5) Stickers and Merch: Release happening 45-60 days in advance in 2024! This lead time allows the community to order well in advance and share during special events through social media.

In 2024, we have significant plans, and to ensure everyone can join us for our releases, we believe it’s best to have everything prepared well in advance. Just as we stay ahead in music releases, this proactive approach will extend to our merchandise and other events. Get ready for an exciting year ahead!



6) Holiday merch and decals will remain in stock. Being in-house crafted allows us to keep previous designs available. Rest assured, we’ll consistently unveil fresh merchandise every year.

I’ve always disliked the rush to buy something before it’s gone. Since we produce everything in-house, we’ve opted to keep our items available year-round. This ensures that if you can’t order something you like right away, you have an endless amount of time to do so. Thanks for all the support!

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